Keeping Your Network Secure While Working From Home

Many of us are having to work from home (WFH) right now. While most companies focus on the logistics of converting their workflows and file access so that employees can get all aspects of their job completed one critical thing that tends to be often overlooked is security. Because of this there are some bad actors out there who are trying to take advantage of the situation. Hackers find it much easier to gain access to your work computer or network through a Comcast or Verizon router than through an enterprise-grade piece of hardware (which is why a corporate firewall can be well over $1000 and a home firewall is often only around $100).
Luckily there is a wide range of ways for remote workers to amp up their cybersecurity practices. As a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) it is our mission to keep both your network and your employees safe while working from home.
Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to help yourself your employees and your business improve WFH network security practices.

Educate Your Employees On Best Work From Home Policies

They’re the most important part of your network but also the most vulnerable so ensure that they have the tools they need to become an asset rather than a liability.
Education Education Education! Try simulation training videos with Q&A to get your employees familiar with the tools and programs you’re using to work remotely.
Use a VPN Regularly
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) has a wide range of use cases one of which is improved security by creating a secure connection between your home and the corporate network. Pretty much all businesses that use a network should invest in a VPN but especially businesses that have a lot of remote workers.

Invest in Corporate Antivirus

Hopefully your employees’ work computers already have both antivirus and antimalware keeping them secure but what about your employee’s home computers that are now connecting to your network and to your customers? If you think you don’t need to invest in antivirus think again. Not only do you need to protect your network your computers and the remote devices that connect to your business’s software but those items need to be protected by corporate-level antivirus software.

Always Use 2-Factor Authentication

Two-factor or multi-factor authentication (2FA or MFA) is a very basic and effective security measure to take for anything that involves a login or password within your applications. Most companies are now offering this feature but you need to dig into the settings to enable it and get it configured. Whenever it is available it should be required for all employees. No exceptions!

Use Cloud Storage

If you’re not using cloud storage for the myriad of use cases it offers you’re falling behind the competition. Improved security is just one aspect of the cloud that makes it so useful for homing data and applications. Anyone who was on the cloud before the pandemic hit was ahead of the curve and got a big jump on keeping their business running during the transition.

Commit to Face-to-Face Virtual Meetings Regularly

For important discussions and sensitive information opt for face-to-face meetings through platforms like Zoom instead of email or another simplistic platform that could be easily compromised.

Let the Pros Take Care of Tech and Security Maintenance for Your Business

The Logic Group will take on the task of figuring out all of the tech and security practices for your company so that you can stay focused on more important things like actually running your business and focusing on customer service. We provide 100% Unlimited Support at a Flat Monthly Rate. This includes No Travel Charges genuine Sigh-Free Customer Experience with passionate and helpful reps Tiered Cybersecurity (with employee training) and 24/7 Emergency Support. The Logic Group specializes in a variety of niches including Healthcare Pharma Legal Financial and Data Security.
Call us today to ask us about how we can add multiple layers of protection alongside your existing in-house IT Team. In a world of isolation we enjoy working with others! Get in touch with The Logic Group to learn how you can take your business’s work from home experience to the next level today!