Get the Most Out of Video Collaboration

As states across the United States continue to enforce stay-at-home executive orders to help limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic organizations have to look for safer ways of getting work done. Amid the global outbreak video conferencing apps have gained a lot of popularity in the workplace because they allow staff to work remotely including from home. This ensures compliance with state orders requiring residents to stay at home while allowing companies to provide their employees with a collaborative remote work experience.
Whereas there are many options available for enabling video conferencing collaboration in workplaces Microsoft Teams deserves special mention due to its impressive growth in recent times. Teams’ daily usage jumped from 32 million active users in March 2019 to 75 million as of April 2020. A month earlier Microsoft had announced that Teams’ daily active users had reached 44 million meaning the video collaboration tool’s usage had increased by a staggering 70 percent in a span of about a month during the coronavirus pandemic.
Read on to learn why Microsoft Teams video conferencing stands out from the crowd.

Keeps Staff in the Loop

For a video conferencing platform to be effective as a tool for allowing a collaborative remote work experience it should facilitate remote access to work. Teams is a cloud-based application that can be accessed anytime anywhere via a desktop computer laptop tablet smartphone and other internet-enabled devices.
That means employees can stay connected from anywhere be that the comfort of their homes hotel rooms or any other location they may want to work from.
With Teams mobile app that is compatible with both Android and iOS workers can chat with their colleagues attend video calls join meetings and continue to collaborate all in one place even when they’re on the move.

Integration with Microsoft Office 365 Applications

Teams is available as part of the Microsoft 365 subscription service and comes fully integrated with the service. Unlike other video collaboration tools that require you to switch apps when you need to access share or edit a document
Teams allows team members to collaborate on Word Excel and PowerPoint files in real-time.
No more receiving files in versions that are different from the versions they were sent out. Anyone with access to
Teams can edit and add comments to a document while seamlessly communicating with co-workers to discuss the document and ensure timely completion of tasks.

Makes Planning and Scheduling a Breeze

Microsoft Teams syncs smoothly with company files calendars and email accounts which makes scheduling a cinch. What’s more this video conferencing platform incorporates newer tools such as OneNote Planner and Microsoft SharePoint which help with getting everything ready for meetings.
Arranging meetings in Teams is such a smooth experience. Once a meeting has been created co-workers can start discussing the agenda review the uploaded files and follow the conversations in real-time. Thereafter they can review the meeting notes and agreed on to-dos.
Microsoft Teams also gives users the option to make meetings private by adding required attendees only. This is a particularly useful setting when the whole team can see the company calendar.

Make Your Experience Even Better With PTZ & Auto Tracking

You can also enhance the user experience with a Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) camera. These are cameras that can be operated through software or a remote and you can actually control where the camera is pointing as you move around the room. Some of the more advanced cameras even have the ability to lock on a person and follow them as they move around the room while they present. This allows you (the presenter) to focus on your presentation and not be worried about adjusting the remote while you are hard at work and in the zone making Teams even more powerful.

Microsoft Teams is a Great Zoom Alternative

Although Zoom hasn’t provided an exact count of daily active users the service continues to enjoy the lion’s share of the video conferencing tools industry. However many users are looking for an alternative due to a spike in security vulnerabilities associated with the service.
For businesses that put a premium on security Microsoft Teams makes for an excellent Zoom alternative. Teams is a secure and effective hub for teamwork and its scalability means that companies can easily add users as they grow.
If recent developments are anything to go by Teams has the potential to beat Zoom for the top spot.
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