We invite you to visit us in Collegeville, PA and experience our office to see how we do IT differently and see why it is the envy of the IT industry.

New Office

We recently upgraded our office from a 4 thousand square foot office in King of Prussia to a 10 thousand square foot facility located in Collegeville that we own, where we serve customers from our full-service Network Operations Center (NOC). Our NOC is the hub of our service, where all live information comes into the helpdesk and is graphically displayed on a series of large overhead displays.

“The NOC”

Our Network Operation Center tools and analytics systems allow us to anticipate and react to your issues faster. We can see everything from uptime to potential problems on the network, and make correlations on the fly. For example, we can see when there is a service provider outage in your area, and we can provide an estimate for the time of repair without having to wait for your call or sit on hold with Comcast, Verizon, Windstream, etc. Our office also comes with a full lab environment where we do everything from testing customer applications to preconfiguring our clients' systems before physical deployment.

Education & Seminars

Come and enjoy the use of our lecture room, where we host weekly presentations on new and emerging tech as well as how to handle the newest potential issues and security threats. We also host external presentations for partner companies and clients, to keep you apprised of changes in the industry. Have your next offsite meeting at our generously appointed lecture space that seats fifty people, free of charge. We’ve hosted everything from meetings to community events like fundraisers in our space. When not in use, it converts into a staff ping pong area if you're ever up to challenging our engineers to a fun game.

Co-Collaboration is our Culture

Our office helps to give us an edge when it comes to keeping your business running smoothly. Our help desk and engineers in the Network Operations Center all work alongside one another in the same space, instead of being sequestered to different offices. This allows us to collectively identify common issues, and work together to solve them. A mutually shared environment gets issues resolved faster with the dissemination of knowledge and experience across our team using collaboration. Our employees are learning together every day, and building a vast understanding of each subset of clients. It’s a requirement of all of our staff to be able to know every account and be able to resolve any issue for all of our clients. See our Client Testimonials for examples of how proud we are of our hard work to keep all of our clients happy and great referral resources for us. Since most new business is brought to us from our clients, it’s mission-critical that we always do everything we can to make sure your issue is resolved quickly, professionally, and with as little disruption to your workday as possible.