For your most vital IT projects and ongoing maintenance, you can rely on our experience. The Logic Group uses a proprietary process that capitalizes on the collective 200+ years of experience of our engineers to provide premium service that you can count on to keep your business online and running smoothly.

Document, Document, Document

We use a meticulous checklist that documents the process for every type of project and operation we perform. We then follow this checklist on each project to replicate our results every time. This allows us to give you a higher grade of service that makes projects go smoothly, reduces the potential for downtime, and ensures overall higher client satisfaction. While other IT companies may work their way through each project without a clear plan, we are methodical and precise to make sure that the job is 110% complete. Our people and processes allow us to adapt to an ever-changing environment, giving you top of the line service every time.

150+ Years of Combined Field Expertise

We maintain a large bench of true industry experts, most of whom have been with us for over ten years. We maintain a bench of six help desk technicians that provide live answer service for every call, who have a team of engineers at their back to tackle any issue. Because we dedicate a team of Engineers to each account, we get your issues resolved faster, and there is always someone available to assist with any problems you may have whether it's remote, on-site, email, or over the phone. Best of all, with our flat rate billing, you always pay the same fixed price for unlimited access to all of our service options.

Make our Experts, Your Experts