Our company term for our Cyber Security Stack: Services can be purchased a-la-carte, in custom bundles, or for the best possible protection, via our LogiGuard COMPLETE


As part of our comprehensive Cyber Security stack, we include a NGFW appliance for all of your sites. This includes IPS (intrusion prevention), AMP (Advanced Malware Protection), Web Filtering, Application Control, Sandbox Monitoring and Deep SSL Inspection capabilities with performance that can hold up to the high bandwidth of modern Internet connections. All hardware, management, monitoring, support and ongoing subscription services are included. MANAGED NGFW REDUCES INITIAL COST BUT HEIGHTENS SECURITY RESULTS. FIND OUT HOW.


We monitor your company domain for any postings on the dark web. Once a company email address shows up on the dark web, bad actors have the ability to spoof your email address and create spear phishing campaigns where they can pretend to be an employee asking for private company information like usernames, password, and even wire transfers. In addition to that, it can lead to employee identity theft which is a major distraction for your employees and can lead to hundreds of hours in lost productivity just from one single user. Monitoring the dark web, alerting on new findings, and successively taking corrective action to ensure that discovered passwords don’t match that of current user passwords helps prevent against credential stuffing attacks…another rapidly trending tactic responsible for many breaches. WHEN EMPLOYEES BECOME VICTIMS OF IDENTITY THEFT, YOU LOSE TOO. IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY AND SHOW YOUR TEAM THAT YOU CARE.


It is known throughout our industry that employee education is the #1 most effective way to combat cybercrime. We provide a continuous, easy-to-consume security awareness campaign via email, complete with short (3-5 minute) videos and a comprehension quiz at the end of each one. To keep them vigilant, we then send random targeted emails to your employees with a goal of testing their ability to identify threats, while at the same time tracking those who open, click, or interact with the email. These simulations help to further enforce the lessons being taught around awareness and keep it “fresh” in your employee’s minds. We would much rather have employees click a fake phish than a real one that leads to a potential breach. 95% OF SECURITY ATTACKS COME THROUGH EMAIL AND THE AVERAGE COST OF WHICH FOR A MID-SIZED COMPANY IS 1.6 MILLION. WOULD YOUR BUSINESS RECOVER?


If you ask most people what their Disaster Recovery Plan is, they will tell you about how they have local and offsite backup and they can just roll back or restore if anything ever happens. Maybe that is true, but most likely it’s not going to be enough. In an emergency no one is ever thinking clearly. Think about when you get on an airplane, how many times have you heard the flight attendant go over the same procedures over and over again? Why? Because in an emergency everyone forgets. They forget that their seat is a floatation device. They forget that they have to put on their mask first, before their loved one’s. It’s imperative to have a predefined plan BEFORE an incident happens. You need a checklist that walks anyone through the step-by-step process of exactly what they are supposed to do, and when. Business Continuity plans are different from restoring from backup because these are not just contingency plans for data loss. These are plans for things as simple as a power outage, or as complex as an active shooter, or a nuclear explosion. For more information on how we can help your business get back up and running after an event fill out the contact form. It all starts with a conversation!

24/7 SOC & SIEM

SOC stands for Security Operation Center and SIEM Security Information and Event Monitoring. With these services together, we can aggregate the hundreds-of-thousands of daily logs generated by your network devices, endpoints and cloud providers (ie. Office 365), have them monitored 24x7 by a human-staffed SOC capable of identifying real threats from the noise, and take action on them accordingly. In addition, we can watch the east-west traffic moving laterally within your network, rather than just the north-south traffic coming into and leaving your network like a firewall. A PC on your network just started communicating with a Tor Node? We’ll get notified. Someone just logged into your Office 365 account from China? We’ll get notified about it. These are just a few examples of many metrics and correlation events that we can use to get advanced notice of attacks far before they are able to mature into anything devastating. In Cyber Security, time is everything, and sometimes even an hour can make an enormous difference between an inconvenience and a crisis. THIS FORM WILL TAKE YOU LESS THAN 15 SECONDS.


While many of the world's most prolific threats are well documented and previously identified, there are also lesser-known, but equally potent threats known as “zero-day threats”. These are threats and exploits that are not identifiable by major anti-malware systems because they are typically very new and have a small global footprint, but are still detectable with the right tools in place. Threat Hunting involves looking for anomalies and other behavioral patterns that align with non-trusted traffic patterns to identify and stop a zero-day threat before it has a chance to materialize into something significant. We include agents that monitor for these anomalies and alert the SOC so that further research can be performed to determine if the anomaly is safe, or presents real danger. FIND OUT WHAT IS LURKING IN THE DIGITAL SHADOWS OF YOUR NETWORK.


Once bad guys get in, it’s the internal vulnerabilities on the network that are used to greatly amplify any potential attack. Even worse, what if the bad guy is a disgruntled employee who’s already on the right side of the firewall? Nobody wants to think it could happen to them, until it does. The odds are certainly in your favor, but is it really worth the risk? We tackle vulnerability management via a three-pronged approach. First, we perform quarterly external scans against public facing devices and services. Any vulnerabilities are reviewed with management and remediated accordingly. All endpoints within the network (ie. Desktops, Laptops, Servers) have an agent on them that continuously monitors for current vulnerabilities. Reports driven from this system are used to ensure that vulnerabilities are identified and patched accordingly. And finally, we do a full internal network scan-based audit annually to ensure that ALL addressable devices within the network are properly patched and secured. The combination of these efforts will make it exponentially more difficult for a would-be hacker to feast on your network after initial penetration or inside access. THIS SERVICE IS THE ULTIMATE LOCKDOWN OF YOUR NETWORK WITH RECURRING EXPLORATION AND CLOSING OF POSSIBLE THREAT ENTRY POINTS.

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