At The Logic Group, we’ve worked hard to build a relaxed environment where people enjoy going to work every day. We’ve committed ourselves to create a company culture where our employees can have fun at the office, work hard, and play side by side to mitigate stressful issues so that we can tackle all of your thorniest of IT problems.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Group camaraderie is paramount to our ethos, which is why we offer after-hours and weekend events for team building. The result is a strong team that wants to help each other out to tackle your projects and stays on top of your IT issues.

Happy Tech = Happy Customer

We have found that happy employees are more likely to learn and more likely to be helpful, translating to higher level services for your business. We bring our culture with us to your office, too. You’re going to enjoy working with us when you have a problem at your office. We hire folks with personality who enjoy interacting with clients, who are going to speak to you on a level and not offer long-winded explanations full of technical jargon. We take complex issues and break them down into terms you can relate to. We take pride that our team is service-oriented and technically skilled.

Waiver Form (Warning: If you're not careful, you may have fun)

On a side note: If we find out differently, we have a fully armed staff (of Nerf guns) to teach your engineer a lesson! We have been known to take customer requests if you ever want us to launch an attack on a member of our staff. Who would have thought that shooting people with Nerf darts would be the key to good employee retention…?”

Let’s Schedule a Happy Hour