With the ever-growing data storage needs of today’s businesses, racks of servers and hard drives are becoming a thing of the past. Expensive hardware upgrades, complex troubleshooting, and other time-consuming management requirements are leading more and more organizations to embrace the cloud for their data storage and backup needs.

No Expense Spared

At The Logic Group, our local Philadelphia Naval Yard data center allows us to provide robust, secure and convenient cloud storage solutions to businesses and non-profits of all sizes. Our team of local, friendly IT experts can help identify your organization’s needs and can create a cost-effective cloud storage solution that will help make your business stronger.

No More 99.999% Uptime: We Guarantee 100% Cloud Uptime

In addition to secure, redundant data storage, our cloud servers make it easy to share files among users and workgroups. We can provide seamless access from all types of devices, including desktop PCs, smartphones and tablets. And we can make your organization’s data securely accessible from within your facility – and when your team members are on the go.

Best of all, thanks to almost unlimited storage capacity, our cloud can grow with your business and provide flexible capacity based on your changing data storage and usage needs.

A few of the benefits of a Logic Group cloud storage solution include:
  • Easy, quick access to your data on our cloud servers
  • No need for expensive, in-house hardware and software
  • Robust security and backup provisions to keep your data secure
  • Easy sharing among team members and workgroups
  • Secure access from both desktop and mobile devices
  • Access to your data from within your facility and when working remotely
  • Redundant, off-site backup for all data and files
  • Local, accessible and friendly tech support
  • If you’re interested in learning more about our cloud storage solutions, please contact us today. We look forward to using our local cloud servers to make your business more efficient, more productive and more successful.

Get Permanent Uptime