The Benefits of Co-Managed IT Services

A technology plan should be just as unique and as strong as your business. It should be aligned with your goals and objectives, and work in the most streamlined and efficient way while maintaining security and compliance. 

For companies that have vast internal technology resources, they can handle most of their IT services on their own. However, those without that type of internal support will struggle if they don’t have a partner who can offer outsourced solutions to create a strategic plan. 
Enter the concept of co-managed IT services, which is a solution designed to support businesses with an IT department or IT staff member onsite, but would like additional assistance with the daily support, maintenance, and security of their IT functions.
This solution is ideal for businesses looking to cost-effectively procure the most efficient technology solutions without the added expenditure of internal personnel salaries and benefits.
If you are considering co-managed IT services, here are a few benefits of co-management for support versus an internal hire or team and reasons why it may work well for your business.
Expert IT Strategy. If you have a small department or single IT professional on staff, co-management will offer access to a robust team of professionals that wouldn’t be feasible if hired as an internal staff member. Through a collaborative approach focused on choosing and deploying the right technology to drive a business forward, co-management will produce an expert and proven IT strategy that aligns with business objectives. 
Top Tier Maintenance and Security. With a focus on ensuring technology does not fail and does not experience data interference, an outsourced team can offer a more secure server environment and ongoing maintenance to mitigate any chance of a service interruption or data breach. In a time when security must be at the forefront of an IT strategy, it is a wise practice to have a well-versed and highly skilled technical professional available at the drop of a hat. Having access to best practices reduces the burden on your in-house staff of having to stay abreast of emerging IT security threats and gives you an assurance that your company has the best protection possible.
Ongoing Comprehensive Support. Beyond the day-to-day, navigating the unknown is incredibly stressful for an IT staff or professional. Having an outsourced IT resource that is readily available and prepared with the best knowledge and experience is a valuable resource that any size company should have access to at all times. With technology constantly changing, it is almost impossible for someone (who isn’t a dedicated professional in the industry) to stay updated on the changes and requirements. Support spans from daily responsibilities to handling upgrades, deployments, and emergency service. 

Working with an Outsourced IT Services Firm

To begin working with an outsourced IT services firm for co-management, it is important to ensure your chosen company has the skills, expertise, and process that will help you achieve all of your business goals. 
It is important to fully trust the team you work with and have an open communication relationship that will build mutual appreciation and support. 
Ask questions, get referrals and references, and make sure that you believe the firm will have your best interest at the heart of all of their decision-making. 
With The Logic Group’s co-managed IT partner service, we provide everything from managed IT and network services, to cloud storage, while always maintaining a core focus on cyber security. We know how to leverage technology to help your business succeed in understanding how to create a robust, secure IT and technology backbone that will enhance your systems and processes. 
Reach out today to learn how we can help your team.

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