If It Happened to Them, It Can Happen to You and Your Small Business

We often speak of the importance of computer security for your business, but rarely give you examples of WHY these systems and procedures are critical. 
Here are some cautionary tales of recent events that illustrate how it could happen to you.
A recent computer virus in Philadelphia caused the shutdown of the court filing system. To safeguard other systems, the district and city's Office of Innovation and Technology shut down certain court IT functions to thoroughly review and clean the operating systems.
This was a necessary step to contain the virus. 
In this case, there was no data breach, but during the shutdown, workers were unable to access their email, filing systems, and other electronic systems regarding the court in the First Judicial District. 
Employees were only able to file their court cases on paper by coming to the court - a step that took extra labor, time, and a great deal of aggravation.
Our business was created to help organizations avoid similar shutdowns due to cybercrime. We safeguard your data, systems, and programs by implementing a cybersecurity plan so that this would never happen to you. 
Can you imagine your business losing a week worth of time (or more) -- with no access to emails or work procedures? How much money would your company lose that week? Could you survive it?
A saga that began with a municipal employee opening a corrupted email forced a small Florida city to agree to pay nearly $600,000 to the hackers who paralyzed its computer systems — a cautionary tale for any city or business. 
This could have been prevented if they had precautions in place and protocols of what to do in a Ronesomeware situation.
The Logic Group helps with the process of implementing measures and systems designed to securely protect and safeguard information (business and personally identifiable information (PII), voice conversations, images, multimedia, and more). 
An estimated two million cyber attacks in 2018 resulted in more than $45 billion in losses worldwide as businesses and local governments struggled to cope with ransomware and other malicious incidents, a study from The Internet Society's Online Trust Alliance showed.
The report suggested cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated in targeting their victims, but also noted many attacks could have been prevented with improved computer security.
Don't leave your business vulnerable. 
Give us a call today at 610.293.2077 to find out how we can develop or review a security plan for your specific business. 

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