What Constitutes Effective Security Measures in Your Business?

What Can We Do Internally to Train Our Employees?

The combination of an effective security program and employee training is crucial in keeping your business safe.
Employees are a critical part of an organization's defense against many IT security threats. Just as having the correct technology solutions is important, training personnel to recognize security threats is a critical part of any security strategy. 
Training that does not engage employees or provide for continuous learning and reinforcement is not sufficient to truly make employees more security aware.
Cybersecurity employee training best practices include:
1. Complying with all local and federal laws and regulations. 
2. Getting everyone on board.  The entire organization -- it must be all are nothing.
3. Establishing a required baseline of assessment. 
4. Creating a system of clear communication about the program. 
5. Making the training intriguing and at least a bit entertaining. 
6. Enforcing reviewing and repeating no set it and forget it or one and done. 
7. Creating a culture of reinforcement and motivation for constant vigilance and learning.
Ivan Dimov of the Infosec Institute gathered these statistics on the effectiveness of security awareness training from a variety of sources:
  • 50% of Internet users receive at least one phishing email daily. 
  • 97% of people cannot identify a phishing email and 4% of people actually click them.
  • 42% of responders to the US state of cybercrime survey asserted that security awareness training of new employees helps to deter attacks.
The same report indicated companies without security awareness training for employees suffered 322% higher financial loss to the server security.
How to Start a Security Awareness Training Program
1. Be persistent
2. Make it mandatory
3. Make it interesting so people actually do it
4. Stress the importance of security at work and at home
5. Reward employees who discover phishing emails 
In the past, companies tech resources could train employees once a year on best practices for security. Most organizations will conduct annual training and think it's one and done. But that's not enough.
Security training should continue throughout the year at all levels of the organization specific to each employee's job. If you're an end-user, there has to be training associated with the types of attacks you may receive,  for example, a text or an email.  If you are in IT, the attacks may be more technical in nature.
It really is the case of understanding how the threat landscape continues to evolve relative to these attacks and keep IT technical security training current. 
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